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East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Telehealth

The Scott County School System is excited to partner with ETCH telehealth program to provide care for minor illnesses while your child is in school.

How does school virtual health work? The school nurse will call you if your child has a complaint that could be seen with a virtual health visit. Your child will be seen by a ETCH pediatric provider using virtual health tools. These virtual health tools allow for evaluation of complaints such as fever, sore throat, pink eye, ear infections, coughs and colds, allergies, and rashes.

What tests can be done? The school nurse can test your child for Strep throat, Flu, and COVID.

What if my child needs a prescription? Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy.

Does a parent or guardian have to be at the school for the visit? You do not have to be present for the visit. However, you’re encouraged to join the visit by phone or video. This allows you to ask questions or share concerns.

If I cannot join, how will I know what is wrong with my child and how to treat it? Everything will be available for you to review on the patient portal.

What if my child already has a doctor? ETCH does not take the place of your child’s doctor. They only provide care for minor illnesses. ETCH always asks you to follow up with your child’s doctor. If your child does not have a doctor, ETCH will be happy to help you find one.

Will insurance cover this visit? Currently TennCare covers virtual visits. Some private insurance companies also cover virtual visits. We will submit any visit to your child’s insurance. If your child does not have insurance, we recommend contacting TennCare at 855-259-0701 to see if you qualify for TennCare or CoverKids for your child. You can also apply online at

How do I sign up? You can sign up by using the link below.

School Telehealth Registration