Enroll My Child at Winfield Elementary

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Download enrollment forms here for           PREK       KINDERGARTEN       1ST - 8TH GRADES

First Time Enrollment (Students that have never attended school before)

Every student entering school for the first time must provide the following documentation. This applies to kindergarten, first grade, and other students;
1. A birth certificate or officially acceptable evidence of date of birth at the time of registration.
2. Evidence of a current medical examination.
3. Evidence of state-required immunizations The name used on the records of a student entering school must be the same as that shown on the birth certificate unless evidence is presented that such name has been legally changed through a court as prescribed by law. If the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) do not have or cannot obtain a birth certificate, then the name used on the records of such student will be the same as that shown on documents which are acceptable to the school principal as proof of the date of birth.
A student may enroll in the school system at any time during the year if his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) moves his/her residence into the school system. Proof of residence must be submitted.


Transfer Enrollment (Students enrolling from another school system)

In order to effectively place transfer students within the most appropriate educational program within Scott County Schools, it is necessary that certain stipulations be met by the parent/guardian of the incoming student at the time of enrollment. Therefore, the parent/ guardian of any student who transfers from another school system into Scott County School System will be required to provide the following items before the student will be registered:
1. Provide documented proof of legal custody of the child. Said proof shall be established by the birth certificate of the child or by a court order of custody or by a properly executed power of attorney for the child and an appropriate form of legal identification of parent/ guardian.
2. Provide documented proof of residence/change of residency in Scott County. Said proof may include but is not limited to the following: current rent/tax receipts, utility bills, 911 address/specific directions to the home.
3. Provide documented proof of current immunization requirements. Parent/guardian should provide complete immunization record of student.
4. Provide an official statement (signed by Principal and/or Guidance Counselor) from the transferring school, which verifies the following items:
       • the student has formally withdrawn from school;
       • the student is not suspended or expelled from school; and
       • the student’s most recent scholastic placement and discipline record
          (grade level, special services received, etc.)

Enrollment is a process, not an event.
As such, it may take up to 3 days to obtain and process all proper documentation and make appropriate placement determinations. In unusual cases which surpass 3 days, the school will make contact with both the parent/guardian and Attendance Supervisor in attempt to clear any preventable delays.