David Blevins

David Blevins

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I can take phone calls from 2:15 -3:00.

Students will be given a letter to the parents, a supply list, and other papers which needs to be signed.

How to access online materials

In order to access the interactive e-book which we have been using in class, the following address will be need to be placed in the address bar of the web browser:


You may want to save this address in your favorites or tabs of your browser.

From this site students should be able to use their usernames and passwords to enter the site.  These have been given to each and every student in my classes.  Students will need to remember this information but in the event that it is lost or forgotten, then they may ask for it from me.  I can be emailed by the address listed on this page.

There is also an app for McGraw Hill books.  This app will not contain certain information such as maps and other flash driven activities.   It will, however, allow the student to download the entire e-book and allow use without the need for an internet connection.  Access to this book will expire at the end of the term but is fully accessible during this school year.

The link for this app is below.


Students also have the access to send me a message through the internet-based program.  Here they may ask questions or post issues that they may be having with the system.








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