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Although we can't have graduation, we will hand out Kindergarten diplomas May 6th from 10:30-1:00.



4th 9 Weeks Words

you   red   what   purple   are   now   twenty   is   so   of

seven   this    twenty-five   came   on   will   into   nine

white  your  be  they  up  make  fifteen  them  give

twelve  play  say  orange  was  twenty-four  then  good

eighteen  pink  ate  twenty-one  he  away  fourteen

must  black  two  no  by  there  I  like  the  one

green and  see  we  a  twenty-three  to  my  how

where  sixteen  many  eleven  find  from  twenty-two

but  yellow  that  who  thirteen  go  blue  here  four

soon  brown  seventeen  new  ten  for  come  eight

me  with  five  said  three  could  she  over  nineteen

her  all  six  when  some  do  went  just  down  little

only  have  one  ask  help  every  walk  look  very

their  saw  put  out  off  our  day  take  too  show








Fourth Nine Weeks Skills

Count to 100

Write numbers 0-100

Skip count by 5's, 10's to 100 and 2's to 20

Solve addition/subtraction story problems 0-10

Solve addition/subtraction problems using objects or drawings

Find the missing addend to make 10

Identify story elements: plot, setting, character

Read sight words

Identify beginning, middle, ending sounds

Identify letter sounds

Decode simple words

Add or substitute sounds to make new words

Correctly form uppercase and lowercase letters

Draw/dictate/write to tell a story

Recognize sentence structure: capitalization, punctuation

Write CVC words from dictation




Read with your child every night to inspire a lifetime love of learning!


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