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If you have any questions or concerns, please send a note or call 569-8288. If needed, we can make an appointment to conference.
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Read with your child every night to inspire a lifetime love of learning!

Help support our classroom with points for books and learning games by placing an order for your child. I place an order once a month and every issue has $1 and discount buys. If you would like to order online our classroom code is  DL8RY. Otherwise, just send check or cash with your order slip and I will place the class order.

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Kindergarten Resources:

Links to Kindergarten Games Online

Brainpop Jr

Click to Download Kindergarten Sight Words

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At Home Ways to Help Your Kindergartner:

Read to your child and have them read to you, ask them questions about the story elements: characters, plot, setting, genre; have them make predictions, make real life connections to the text, help them notice text and graphic features (talk about how the pictures go with the words)

Check your student's folder: go over their work with them to discuss what they've been learning especially anything they were having trouble with, read our weekly story together, practice ice cream word list, and practice handwriting with first and last names, upper and lowercase letters, words, and sentences.

Encourage your child to write about pictures they've drawn or colored by phonetic spelling (sounding it out what they want to say and writing the letters for the sounds they hear)

Play bingo, memory/match/concentration/ with sight words/letters

Play "I Spy" by having the child practice identifying and producing letter sounds/naming something that starts with a chosen letter or spying words

Play "Mystery Word" by saying sounds in a word and having child blend to name the word for example /c/-/a/-/t/=cat or /c/-/at/=cat

Play board games especially those with dice or number cards to reinforce counting and number sense

Do Kids workbook practice/word searches together (The Dollar Tree or The Dollar General Store usually have good ones for cheap) or Highlights magazines

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